9GB AVI file doesn't need to shirnk for DVD5?

Post » Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:52 pm

Short Story:
I have a 9.86GB AVI file that I dropped in DVD Architect. When I went to burn it to a dvd, how come when I click "fit to Disc" I get a message that says "there is enough space available for this project" (figuring it would need to be shrinked since it's more than 4.7GB). Stats say 3,404.6 MB 73% of 4.7GB

Long Story:
Years ago I used to use Pinnacle for my video editing. I would save the rendered project as an AVI file for archive purposes, and burn a MPEG2 dvd. I just got a HD projector and have been watching my old dvd's and I'm noticing lots of aliasing. I didn't have any aliasing on my SD projector. I'm guessing the aliasing is because it was rendered by an inferior program like Pinnacle vs. Vegas/Architect.

I figured until I have the time to completely re-edit my projects using Vegas I could just drop the AVI files in Architect and maybe I wouldn't get the aliasing as I'm sure Architect renders much better than Pinnacle. I'm guessing there's a way to add chapter breaks in Architect?

I also figured that I didn't need to drop the AVI file in Vegas to render, and then Architect to render again.
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