Acid Pro 7 using Ozone5 plug-in question

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When I add third-party plug-in software to to the plug-in chain, such as Ozone5, and have Ozone5 assigned to only one track (out of 6), using it only for it's reverb (on the vocal track for instance), does this plug-in effect have to be "applied" or "rendered" or something else, in order for it to be saved with the Acid Pro file so that when I render it to a 2-channel stereo .WAV file for use in Sound Forge, the Ozone5 reverb effect is still intact on the vocal track only? In other words when I play the .Wav file in Sound Forge, will I hear the reverb effect created with Ozone5?

I know someone is going to say "just try it". And I will. But the files are very large and taking a long time to render and transfer to the other computer that I use for mastering with Sound Forge. So just hoping someone knows the answer before I waste a number of hours to find out. Thanks!
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Shelby McDonald
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Basically, what you hear in ACID is what you'll get when rendered. This includes an overall-rendered 2-channel stereo WAV or tracks rendered separately.

So Ozone5 will be included as long as you can hear it working in ACID.
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