No "Activate Enhanced Features" Under "Network" in the X

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Just purchased the Blue Ray Disk Player model BX58. Successfully connected to wireless router. Want to register the player to use with Netflix.

Followed directions provided:
> Connect device to home network (done)
> Go to XMB and scroll to "Network" (done)
> Scroll to "Activate Enhanced Features" (it's not there...)

None of the other menu options in the XMB has this selection.

Please assist.

Thank you.
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Jonathan Braz
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Post » Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:30 am

If you press home and then arrow all the way to the right you will see a globe that is also "Network". It's under that catagory not under "Setup".
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Marine Arr├Ęgle
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USER-911508 wrote:
> If you press home and then arrow all the way to the right you will see a
> globe that is also "Network". It's under that catagory not under
> "Setup".

Yes, I know. That's where I went. It's not there.
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Post » Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:52 am

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for your post.
You will not see the Network icon with Activate Enhanced features on the main Bar till you Refresh Internet Content. this can be found on the Far left under Setup
once completed you will have two Network Icons, one under set up and the one you are familiar with to the far right with activate enhanced features

Setup > Network > Refresh Internet Content.
once content is updated the Activate Enhanced Features will appear under the network icon to the far right.
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lauren cleaves
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Post » Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:06 am

Thanks for the reply.

I tried that yesterday but it would not connect to the server (Internet Video Service) and stayed at 1/3 until it timed out. However, when checking my connection settings and running the diagnostic the system checked good and SS was hovering between 97% - 100%. I'm using a 6mb per second broadband service so connection speed shouldn't be an issue. I consistently get good performance online with a separate desktop PC (wired) and laptop (wireless) using the same router that the BDP uses. Moreover, I can still browse the web using the BDP. It just won't connect when trying to "Refresh Internet Content".

Also, "Network Update" under "Settings" worked fine yesterday and is updated.

I tried to refresh content again today, but the issue still occurs.

Thanks for any assistance.
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Sheila Reyes
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Post » Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:33 pm

Just tried a BX58 here in our lab area and was able to successfully update.

This update was released about two weeks ago and may help resolve any issues you may have, try following the instructions at the bottom and install this firmware update using a USB thumb drive.

if that update does not work try resetting your Blu-ray player to factory, then connect via a LAN cable temporarily. If you still are unable to refresh internet content with a LAN connection and the firmware updated contact customer service while its still plugged in and they may be able to help resolve your network settings issues.
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Silvia Gil
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Post » Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:55 am

Issue resolved. Called Sony customer support and got help from Manuel. Used custom network settings.

Pri and Sec DNS were set to and, respectively, while using previously established IP, gateway, and subset mask. Returned to XMB and "Enhanced Features" was there. Registered BDP and all is now right with the world.

Checked back here and your new reply was already sent. Thanks again for your prompt replies.
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Post » Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:48 am

Great news! Thank You for the feedback.
Enjoy your Bravia Internet Video services.

Be sure to keep automatic updates enabled, for new channels and features that are frequently updated.
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Robert Bindley
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I have Performed every step in this discussion but i still Cannot access Netflix, I dont have the Active Enhanced Feature under networks. My internet and access is ok (wireless). I have refreshed my network update. Under the Network icon i have (internet video) and when i select it says connection status cannot be confirmed and configuration failed while connecting. My model number is HBD-N890W Software version is upto date:M13.R.0510.

I have:

1.) Reset to factory settings

2.) Using Custom Settings set up Pri and Seco DNS whilst talking to a support agent.

3.) made sure unit is successfully connected to network and internet (ok)

4.) Ensured that i have refreshed the Network Update (uptodate).

Please help

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Gracie Dugdale
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