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I have a sony xperia Z3 that I purchased on Nov 2014. I did as well purchase the Extended Warranty $85. My sony falled down and the screen got cracked. I called the ADH, and I waited one month, they came back and they said, Hey we do not have your model on stock, we will provide money instead and you will keep the broken. I have waited so far 3 months now, and Ihave not received the check from their part. I did call the customer service many times, and they said, we do not have anything to do with your case. You see how sony cares about their customer. Please note, I only purchase sony products. I have two smart phones. Sony Xperia Z3. and PS, TV. BUT further on, I will never purchase their product. Please address?

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Hi mboutal, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. I sent a private message regarding your concern. Thanks. - Charlie

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I do not know why sony playing with us.

Good news, I just got Samsung S6 Edge! - I am getting XBOX - The plan was to have PS4 - No More Pain with Sony.

They said we mailed you privetly, yes! they did actually, but no actions. -

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2 weeks - From Your Private Message Charlie -

3 months - Since I filled the claim +- - - -

I do not know if one year will be enough for them, I can wait!

Where is my money, in the cloud. Smiley Sad Smiley Sad

Thank you SONY! - Make Believe of taking care of ourselves!!!

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Hi mboutal, let me send you a private message. Regards, Ella

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