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Post » Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:19 am

I have been using SMS for several years but am running into a problem that I can't figure out. I am using Platinum 6.0. When using a microphone (one is the standard one that came with my computer with a pin plug in and the other is a Logitech with a USB plugin), on the voice recording line it is showing a recording level clear over to 14. The level meter runs from 72 on the left to 0 on the right. When I "arm" the record button it immediately jumps(color green across) over to about 14. This is happening if a microphone is plugged in or not. If I record, I am getting a big hum sound (modulation?) and if I lower the volume it also lowers the voice I have recorded. I have adjusted about everything I can think of or at least find and can't get this to record voice without this humming. There must be a setting somewhere that I haven't found. In the past I have done several projects successfully with the microphone but can't seem to get this problem fixed. Please help I am going nutso.
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renee Duhamel
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I think this is a Windows issue. Have you manipulated the mic level of the Windows audio?
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Eileen Collinson
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As was mentioned you may need to check your master volume - the advanced button on your volume control. If you are getting a hum you need to try muting other inputs until you eliminate the problem. I think if you just right click your volume button and the advanced button you will get there quickly. The other thing to look at is make sure you are plugged into the proper spot on the back of your computer. You may also want to check the mic on another computer to make sure the wire is still good and not shorting out.
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