Audio plays faster than video!! HELP

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Audio plays faster than video!! HELP im using a DIVX file to create the DVD
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Saul C
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Your problem is not related to DVDA at all and it's not at fault.

Could you please provide extra info regarding how you convert Divx video to MPEG-2 and is the audio/video still in sync when using software DVD player to test play the MPEG-2 file. If not then there is something wrong during the Divx -> Mpeg-2 conversion process. If it's in sync then perhaps there still something wrong within the MPEG-2 file; especially the audio time stamp (PTS). Go here: and download PVAStrumento program to check and fix audio time stamp error.

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Okey im going step by step

#1 New Project (Menu Based)

#2 Insert Background Media (JPG)

#3 Insert Menu Audio (.Wav)

#4 Insert Media (Movie - Divx.avi) - Now there's a clickable area that launch's the movie.

#5 Preview the DVD - and the audio is faster , like 1 sec ahead

Works fine on the DVD Player , but the file audio sinc , isnt good...and i was playing the Movie - Divx.avi on the Mediaplayer and was fine...

any sugestion?
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Kaylee Campbell
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I haven't done Divx to DVD that way -> import Divx.avi file directly into DVDArchitect.

Here, open both audio and video file in Vegas and check to make sure that both file would have the same length (not likely if you have sync problem). If not then adjust the audio file length to match with that of video. But this way is kind of shoot in the dark, may work and may not work and require quite alot of trial and error.

But I did convert Divx to DVD before this way: use TMPGEnc (or similar MPEG-2 encoding software) to convert Divx.avi file to DVD Mpeg-2 standard (both audio and video multiplex - audio is Mpeg-Layer 2 format). Then use DVDA or similar DVD authoring software to make menu and output to DVD disc. Perfect sync !!!

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I would try rendering the file to MPEG2 and then bring it in to DVDA.

Don't do it in Vegas, as it will take countless hours, rendering less than 1 frame per second. If you have Windows Movie Maker, import the file into WMM and create a DV-AVI file. It will create the DV file much, much, much faster than Vegas. (For a 30 min DivX file, Vegas wanted 18 hours to render to DV, while WMM did the whole thing in about 26 minutes)

Import the DV file into Vegas and render to MPEG 2 --OR-- try using the DV file in DVDA and see if it works any better. Good Luck.

It's a pity one has to resort to basic windows tools to accomplish things that a professional grade app can't handle, or can't handle properly. Maybe, since being pro-grade, it's intentional that not much attention is paid to these other video formats. Forget XVid. That's the only way I can make Vegas 5 crash - import an XVid file.
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Svenja Hedrich
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Post » Sun Dec 12, 2010 2:53 pm

The audio plays faster in my setup and I can't figure why.
It plays fine in V5.
This is a standard mpeg2 file not DVIX.
I'm using a Sony DMX R100 with MADI set up clocked to a Ardsync II @ 48khz.
It's always fast in preview mode. What gives?
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As I mentioned before, Mpeg-2 audio/video not sync due to:

1) Video & Audio files are differ in lenght (time length).

2) The Audio time stamp (PTS) does not 'lock' with the Video GOP time stamp.
Consider audio/video time stamps are simply markers so to keep the video/audio in sync at any particular time.

So go here and download PVAStrumento program to check and fix audio time stamp error. Use the [PS] option and read the help file.

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