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Post » Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:56 pm

I am trying to register this blueray player through the "My Essentials" site for a Sony Internet Video device and set up an account. The site asks for a "registration code" and the instructions say:
* To get Registration Code
1. Please make sure your Sony Blu-ray player/Network Media Player is connected to your TV, powered on, and active.
2. Press the Home button on your remote control and navigate to the Network icon on the Xross Media Bar.
3. Scroll to Activate Enhanced Features and select by pressing enter.
4. Locate the Registration Code for your Blu-ray player/Network Media Player.

However there is no "Activate Enhanced Features" that I can find. How is this done for this model. The "Operating Instructions" manual also has no mention of how to find this.
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Post » Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:36 pm

I have the exact same model and exact same issue!! I just got this blu yesterdaya and was trying whole evening to find the "Activate Enhanced Features" and there is just no such thing on my screen!! Can someone help please!!??
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Post » Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:23 pm

Finally got it to work. There is a step missing from the instructions. Where the instructions say go to the network icon and below it is the "Activate Enhanced Features" icon - it's not there initially. Instead there is some other icon called something like "update internet information". This launches something that asks for agreement to a Sony license, then attempts to "Authenticate" showing a 3 step status. This kept failing the first day. Finally today, it made it through all three status steps and said it succeeded. Going back out from the network icon, now there are several more icons on the Sony cross bar - under "Network" there is now a "Activate Enhanced Features" icon, under "Video" there is now Netflix, Hulu, under Music there is now Pandora, etc.. And of course the original icon with something like "update internet information" is no longer there, which since it's not mentioned in the documentation and I didn't write it down, I can't recall exactly what it was titled. After this, now YouTube worked okay, but I couldn't get the "Activate Enhanced Features" to work - kept getting error message. This then somehow prevented Pandora and Netflix from working - those also kept getting error messages, but of course nothing clear like "you must successfully Activate Enhanced Features first". After multiple tries over multiple hours, finally the "Activate Enhanced Features" completed successfully and gave me the mythical "Registration Code". Then I could log in to the Sony "My Essentials" web site and enter the registration code. This then led to a web page that showed multiple "Enhanced Features", like Pandora, where you can click "Link to Service", and after entering the info requested, Pandora now worked. I could get netflix to work also by clicking the netflix icon under Video, which then shows a Netflix unique "registration code" - you then go to the netflix website on the pc and enter it to have netflix activate access through the blueray player. Whew... finally worked. But this blueray player appears to have very poor internet connection software - only YouTube connects reliably. All the rest get errors more often than successful connects - have to keep trying to get a successful connect. If I didn't have a pc that also connects through the same wireless flawlessly, I may think something was wrong with the wireless signal. I believe it's this blueray player software that's a bit flakey. We'll see if how this works in the long run - so far it's very painful to use.
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