BDV E770W Locking Up

Post » Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:33 am

I have a BDV E770W home theater and a KDL-60EX700 flat screen connected as follows:
TV HDMI 1 - Home Theater HDMI Out
TV HDMI 2 - Comcast STB HDMI Out
TV HDMI 4 - Tivo Premiere HDMI Out

Audio Return Channel and Control for HDMI are enabled on both devices.

The Comcast STB and TiVo are both set to output 1080i resolution only. When switching between HDMI inputs 2 and 4 on TV the home theater locks up - sound is muted, display flashes "Standby" and no remote functions work - including power off. It's takes about three minutes for the home theater to power off before you can attempt to turn it back on and it works correctly until next lock up. When I had this problem initially I was told it was due to switching between different resolution inputs on TV. That is not the situation now since both input devices are locked to 1080i.
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