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Tks for your answer
I don't Know how Boris work on Movie Studio.Itry to re install Boris (my old filters ) with the registration that I had and they remind Trial even if Registration is recognized.The same happens to the new ones .So my question is why they(SONY) let me to upgrade Boris filters when it's clear that is not an upgrade it practically delete all my old VFX.(Boris).
I put the same question To the Boris company they answer to me

"Try uninstalling BCC and then reinstalling only BCC7 if you want your old filters back, else you will have to continue on with only the 10 Art Looks Unit filters."

as you understand Boris 10 Art Looks Unit -are only 10 Filters and even no trasition filter.So I loose 30 or 40 filters that way .Now neither the old ones not the new ones are working.
It's means that in all the project I had been working they now on trial mode
If anyone have a good answer pls help
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