Can name track & artist w/ CD-text but not disc

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I bought CD Architect 5.2b (since upgraded to 5.2d) specifically because of its CD-Text capability. I have been able to name tracks and list the artist, but if I name the disc under "Properties" (I think that's how I do it - I'm at work and the program is on my home computer), it shows tracks but not the artist names.

I understand that if I put the artist name under "properties" it will show up on each track and that will be fine when I make a cd that only has one artist on it, but I like to make compilations. In this case, I have a compilation of songs an artist wrote - sometimes he sings them and sometimes someone else does. I don't want to put "various artists." What I want is to show each track, the specific artist who performs each track as well as the compilation name.

Prior to this I made such compilations using Roxio. I would make a cdr of the comp, pull the tracks from the cdr into Roxio name them, put in the artists' names and name the comp. This was fine, but it blocks me from saving the project, because I pulled the tracks from a cdr. That is why I purchased CD Architect - in order to not waste a cd each time I want to do this and to be able to save such a project on my computer once I've put it together.

I'm really hoping I haven't just purchased CD Architect for nothing and would appreciate any help on this issue.
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