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I recently purchased Sony Vegas Movie Studio Suite HD Platinum 11. On the evening of August 8th, 2011, I attempted to burn my first Blu-ray using DVD Architect (DVD-A). I was really excited about having the capability to do this, considering I am new to the world of digital video editing and publishing. Unfortunately, my excitement was quickly curtailed as I ran into a major technical issue with the DVD A software during the burn process, which I will explain shortly.

Once my .mp2 (video) and .w64 (audio) files were rendered in Vegas Movie Studio, I immediately accessed DVD A and added the files to the timeline. I selected File-Properties and changed disc format to Blu-ray Disc. I created a really nice menu for my video content, and soon after, I was ready to burn the content onto a blank 25 gb Blu ray disc. I clicked the "Make Blu-ray Disc" button on the DVD-A interface

However, near the end of the burn process, I received the following error message:

Warning: An error occurred while writing a file. Message Missing Error 0X80131604.

Not good. After several attempts, I gave up.

I searched the Sony help site and encountered this link:

I did everything outlined in the linked thread above, including uninstalling DVDA 5.0, downloading and installing .NET framework update from Microsoft support, and reinstalling DVDA 5.0. I was hopeful this would remedy the issue, and I would get back to my project. (See link above).

Needless to say, the instructions outlined did not solve my serious technical issue. I continued to get the same error message during the final stages of the disc burning process: Warning: An error occurred while writing a file. Message Missing Error 0X80131604.


I immediately submitted a help request via e-mail to Sony technical support.

As I wait patiently for a Sony software technician to answer my e-mail request for assistance, I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this missing "error message" 0X90131604 and if any short term workarounds are available. I also wanted to get some feedback from the Moderators of this forum who may be more technically sophisticated with this software than I am who could provide some context on why I am unable to burn content onto a Blu-ray disc, and whether or not there will be a fix for this issue in the near future.

Any additional information, I will gladly post as it relates to my system. Thanks for your kind assistance. Your feedback and assistance is indeed appreciated as I wait patiently for Technical Support to contact me.
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Have you tried created a Prepared File on your hard drive rather than burning directly to a disc?

This would eliminate the possibility that the problem is occurring during the burn process itself.

You don't say which operating system you're running. But, if you're running Windows 7 64-bit, there could be a problem, for instance, with the program trying to access the disc drive's 64-bit driver.

So try saving an image file to your hard drive rather than burn a disc and see what happens.
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"Once my .mp2 (video) and .w64 (audio) files were rendered in Vegas Movie Studio,"

.mp2 is not a video file type for either BluRay or DVD.
Tell us exactly the template and render properties you used.
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Message Deleted by User.
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Thanks for the quick response, Steve.

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
CPU: Intel 2600K
8GB Memory

Have you tried created a Prepared File on your hard drive rather than burning directly to a disc?

(My Answer)
Yes, and it did not work. Here are the exact procedures I followed:

1. Access DVD-A Studio 5.0.

2. Insert--->Media--.m2v file from my hard drive. The .m2v file and w.64 files were initially created (I am not sure of the correct terminology) by Vegas Movie Studio.

3. I also used this feature as well on a separate occasion from Vegas Movie Studio (VMS): When you select "Make Movie" from Vegas Music Studio, you have the option of creating a blu-ray disc with menus. If you select this option, then you can use the "Send to DVD Architect Studio" when VMS finishes creating the .m2v and w.64 files. The .m2v and w.64 files then are directly exported from VMS to the main interface/timeline of DVD-A. This process worked for me.

3. I selected the "Preview" button in DVD-A, and the menu and video worked fine. Project Properties disc format by the way was set to "Blu-ray Disc." I selected the icon "Make Blu-ray Disc" from the top toolbar of DVD-A.

4. "Select Operation to Perform" window opens up. I selected the button: "Prepare." The feature prepares the current project to a specified folder.

5. "Select Image" window opens up. The image created is "untitled.iso". This is the image file, or the prepared ISO file you speak of. DVD-A allows me to browse and select the path where I want this image to be stored, thus it automatically creates it for the user and puts it the users desired drive location. In addition, the "Free storage space i selected folder" is 621.9 Gigabytes as indicated by DVD-A. Storage space on the hard drive is not an issue. I proceed to click the "Next" button.

6. "Review Message List" window opens up. No messages to display in the description box appears, indicating that no problems were encountered. The estimated project size is 17.0% of 25.000 GB media as indicated by DVD-A. I click on the "Finish" button.

7. The burn process begins as a new window opens up showing the rendering/preparing process are moving full speed ahead.

8. But, then the problem begins, again. A new window pops up:

DVD Architect Studio 5.0. (Title of Window)
Warning: An error occurred while writing a file. Error 0x80131604 (message missing).

I click "OK" to exit out of the window. The DVD-A interface returns. I am back to where I started. This process has been replicated over dozen times, and each time I receive the same error message. It simply fails to complete the burn process. This is the issue I am continuously experiencing with DVD-A 5.0. The error message number: 0x80131604, means something, and this is where I hope to get some clarification on with respect what this error means.

This help guide from the Knowledge Database below did not resolve my issue or error message. (See link below)


You don't say which operating system you're running. But, if you're running Windows 7 64-bit, there could be a problem, for instance, with the program trying to access the disc drive's 64-bit driver.

(My Answer)
It is important to note that I can burn directly from Vegas Movie Studio onto a blank blu-ray. However, Movie Studio has no options of creating a menu, which is why I purchased and spent extra money on the Sony Suite product in the first place so as to have access to DVD-A software to access and create menus for my video projects on Blu-ray.

Here are the steps of how I burned my video project onto a blu-ray using VMS.

1. Access Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.

2. Insert the file I want to edit. The file is a .mpg.

3. I select the "Make Movie" icon on the top tool bar.

4. "What do you want to do with your movie" window opens. I select "Burn it to a DVD or Blu-ray Disc" option.

5. "Select the Type of disc to burn" window opens up. I select "Blu-ray Disc". I DO NOT SELECT "Blu-ray Disc with Menus". I have to bypass this feature for obvious reasons as DVD-A is not working properly.

6. "Burn Blu-ray Disc" window opens. Select "Render Image and Burn, which is the default setting. Wait until the process is complete, depending on the size of the project, time will vary.

7. Sony Vegas Movie Studio successfully burns the content onto a blu-ray disc. The video output on the disc works fine on my television set using my blu-ray player.

Vegas Movie Studio is able to access my disc drive 64-bit driver successfully without a hitch as evident by the seven steps I outlined right above this paragraph. VMS was able to burn onto a blank blu-ray disc just fine. Therefore, I do not see why the DVD-A software would have an issue with accessing the disc drive's 64-bit driver. I have to assume, at this point, unfortunately, that the DVD-A software included the Platinum Suite package 11.0 may have some sort of bug. (This is speculative of course until I hear back from Sony technical support).

Thanks again for your feedback. I look forward to your follow-up and/or suggestions. As I wait patiently to hear back from Sony technical support regarding my issue with DVD-A, I am glad that customers have the ability to use these forums to seek help or answers, making the process a bit more tolerable.


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Sorry. Assuming that you've got plenty of defragmented space on your hard drive(s), I know of no obvious reason this would be happening.

Wish I had more to offer.
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No problem. I appreciate your feedback.

I wonder if there are others out there experiencing the same error message 0x80131604 as I am because I think the problem might be more widespread or systemic as opposed to isolated to a few end-user systems.

Perhaps, others will chime with their thoughts in the days to come if they have a) received the same error message and/or b) have successfully authored blu-rays via DVD-A 5.0.

This is the first time I have ever posted on a forum/message board seeking assistance or clarification on a software purchase technical issue, so I welcome all comments from anyone.


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I was having your exact same problem - I am impressed with how well you described the problem I was having!

I think I figured it out. Here's what I did:

I uninstalled both VMS and DVD-A then I restarted my computer.

I then downloaded the latest build of each from the Updates page:

Once the latest build of each was installed, I had no further problems. I hope this helps. Unfortuneately Sony support was silent for four days and offered no help.
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Thank you for taking the time to post a response in this thread.

Great news! Your instructions have solved the problem. I am now able to burn video content onto a blu-ray with menus via DVD-A. The "Missing Error OX80131604" no longer comes up.

I would not have found the solution on my own without your assistance. Congrats on finding a way to get the software to work, and sharing your experience here on this thread for myself and possibly others as well who may be experiencing the same technical issue.

I'm glad I posted on this board. I hope others who are having a similar issue will find this thread helpful.

Kind Regards


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i have same problem and i tried uninstaling vms and avd-a. when i tried downloading patches from microsoft it will only let me download the midle one not the other two saying that the file does not aply or is blocked by another condition. and it didn't work. does anibody know if there is a solution to this. please help. thank you.
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Thanks to both Hatcher and Bruinx.

I normally am not an active poster, but this solution set me straight. At first I thought that it was too simple a solution, but when Bruinx confirmed it this caught my attention as a viable solution. I tried it and it worked.

I had performed the "clean uninstall and reinstall" two times and still had problems. Just when I was about to give it up I came across this posting.

The internet and forums are great and many thanks to the participants.

JF in CA
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I am still having this issue and am unable to resolve it.

Win 7 Pro 64bit.

Uninstalled Vegas Pro
Uninstalled DVD-A pro
Uninstalled .net 4.0

Deleted all sony software keys from registry

Downloaded latest build of DVD-A pro 5.2
Installed DVD-A pro
Installed .NET 4.0
Installed .NET patch

Still have the same error when trying to burn a blu-ray.

ANY help would be appreciated.

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