Content Sharing?

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What is VAIO Content Sharing?

What information is it sharing, and with whom?

How can I adjust the settings or delete this program from my computer?
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VAIO Content shares your pictures, and music into both VAIO Movie story and VAIO Musicbox software

if you wish to disable this or alter the settings you can do so here.

What is VAIO Movie Story?
VAIO Movie Story is a software application that enables you to automatically create your original movie using images, video, and music you have imported from various media to your computer. With this software, you can also make fine adjustments to your movie and export it to various media, such as a DVD disc, using the VAIO Content Exporter software.

What is VAIO MusicBox?
VAIO MusicBox is a software application that, with the help of the VAIO Content anolyzer, examines the sonic qualities of all the music files on your computer system and sorts them into mood music channels. This give you the ability to select from various music channels (Music Channel Function) and play a specific channel that matches your mood. And if desired, in addition to the Normal playback mode, you can play back only the chorus part of a song with the Chorus Playback mode, or a song related to the currently playing song with the MIX feature.
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