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I own a DHG-HDD250 that has served me well for 7+ years. I was dismayed that Rovi is terminating the TVGOS service, effectively making the DHG little more than an $800+ HDTV tuner. As noted in the initial response from the moderator, I realize I can record live TV. What I can't do is to reliably schedule a recording on a specific date, time and channel - something that is a basic feature of every DVR and VCR in existence. Because the DHG is only capable of setting the clock using the TVGOS data, as soon as I lose power (or we go on Daylight Savings Time), the internal clock will no longer be usable for scheduling manual recording.

Those of us who are long term owners appreciated Sony's decision to provide the firmware update in 2009 that provided 3 more years of useful life on our DVR's.

My request is for Sony to please provide another firmware update that allows a manual clock set.

Thanks for your consideration.


Terry Griffin

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I just wanted to add one more number here to those impacted.



Previously very happy DHG-HDD250 owner.

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I'm attaching an e-mail that we got today from Rovi (TVGOS supplier). I underlined the critical part of the e-mail:

"Dear [------], Rovi has announced the termination of broadcast Guide data in the US beginning on November 1, 2012 and completing in April 2013.

We regret to inform you that TVGOS broadcast data has been discontinued for your area as of 11/01/2012. The service is no longer available.

This was a business decision between Rovi and your CE manufacturer. For further inquiries, please refer to your manufacturer.

Sincerely, CE Technical Support


Rovisays that Sony was part of the TVGOS termination decision!!! Interesting development-what should weDVR owners do next?

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Kay O'Hara
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They should insist on a software update that allows the affected DVRs to use the time and date info and the basic EPG that is broadcast by the stations themselves. A $50 Radio Shack converter box can use this info, as well as EyeTV DVR software for Mac, for two examples.

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From Wikipedia:

"Listings data for IPGs integrated into today's digital terrestrial TV and radio receivers is typically sent within each station's MPEG transport stream, or alongside it in a special data stream. The ATSC standard for terrestrial digital TV, for instance, uses tables sent in each station's PSIP. These tables are meant to contain program start times and titles along with additional program descriptive metadata. Current time signals are also included for on-screen display purposes, and they are also used to set timers on recording devices."

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Add me to the list.

The TVGOS system on my hdd250 never worked very well. After receiving complete listings, it displays them correctly for a few days and then loses them. The only way to get the listings back is to unplug it and start over.


Sony...show your customers you would like to earn some repeat business.

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Today the TVGOS was discontinued and my Sony HDD250 was turned into a device little more than a dumb and blind TV tuner. Needless to say, I am not happy about this. I have written Sony and Rovi about this and the responses just pass the buck to each other. Sony it is Rovi's fault for discontinued over the air transmission and Rovi says it is Sony's fault for not supporting another way to get the TVGOS info., while we the consumer get the short end of the stick.

They have decided that the people who use over the air reception of their digital TV are not worth the bother when they can get higher profits from the people who are getting gouged by the high prices of cable and satellite service.

Sony, can you step up to the plate and do the right thing by supporting a device we all paid decent money in good faith for a product we expected to be supported by a reputable company like yourselves? Give us a way to set the clock reliably, USB support for network, or to flash the data into the machine? Something to allow us to use this in a manner which it was sold to us for.

In the future, I will have to think long and hard before I buy another Sony product and folks who as me for advice will receive a negative feedback for Sony products.

Earlier today, I had to reboot the machine to get it to work before the TVgOS disappeared. When it did come up, the date was 1/1/04 and the time in the wee hours of the am. This was really useless for programming a recording. I tried to reboot it at midnight and got the right date but the time seemed to correspond to GMT which is five hours ahead. Now, I will have to look up the TVguide info on a net device and program a recording subtracting 5 hours. Each time I do this, Sony and Rovi will gain a big black mark in my book.

It is obvious your customers are of no value to you.

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