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I usually burn bluray disc but for small projects and dvd copies for clients I've been using Ridata for over 10 years (it used to be another name before). I must of burnt about 2000 dvds....today a few clients came back because their dvd freezes a few seconds or skips (I did copies for them based on a dvd they gave me).

AT first I didn't believe it, but when another client also complained a red flag went up. I burnt one myself and this time I decided to watch the whole dvd (normally I just watch about 4-5 minutes to know that it works)...after all I've burnt about 2000 dvds! The little bugger of a DVD skipped on me! The setting was 6,000,000 and burned at 8x (dvd was capable at 16x). So I try another DVD and another...all with problems!! I was freaking out! How could this be? Maybe my burner?

Then from another batch of DVDs that I had, I tried a different brand, and burned the same project and voila! Worked like a charm!

I did some digging and found out that after all these years, the Ridata brand that I was using is a crappy 2nd blend quality...and the Taiyo Yuden that just saved me is a premium quality brand.

There's nothing more unsatisfying than having your good work being judged on its media....lesson learned. Buy the good stuff!

See how your dvd brand stacks up here:
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