Editing effects in Movie Studio 13

Post » Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:25 am

I just purchased this software because I wanted some more sophisticated effects than are offered with Windows Live Movie Maker. Now I find I cannot edit any effects I apply to a video track or video event. I can get to the video plugin chooser and add an effect to a track, such as brightness and contrast, but no window pops up to edit the effect, making it useless! When I click the effect icon on an audio track a window pops up and I can edit the parameters of the compressor or eq or other effect, but on my video tracks the effect icon doesn't work. I'm running windows 8.1. If I can't edit my video effects I might as well go back to Win movie maker. At least I can edit the brightness or speed of a video clip. Here I can't do ANY such editing. What's going on!!! I read all the help and tutorials. Anyone notice this with Win 8.1?
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