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Post » Tue Oct 21, 2014 4:39 pm

Hello. I am using Cd Architect 5.2 build 240. I am new to using CD Architect, so I apologize in advance for the **** question.

Today, I tried to burn my first project in CDA. After getting everything set up (a small project consisting of two tracks - roughly 10 mins. in length), I put a writable CD in the CD drive. I asked CDA to "test before burning". After a few minutes, CDA gave me an error message saying the disc was read only. At that point, CDA stopped doing anything.

The disc I put in the CD drive was most certainly NOT read only. After closing CDA, I opened up the freeware burning software InfraRecorder, and successfully burned the same two tracks onto the very same writable CD disc. The newly made CD was playable in my stand-alone CD player.

Why would CDA identify a perfectly good blank writable CD as read only? What can I do to get CDA to make CDs?

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