Events auto-deleting when recording is stopped.

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I talked my friend into Sony Acid Pro7 after using Acid myself since version 2.0. Unfortunatly I had an embaressing issue happen the night he invited me over to show him just how to use it. We installed in into his laptop running windows XP. Everything was going good and I was teaching him how to use it by copying him and his friend's DAT tapes into his laptop and all evening things went fine. So after copying the tapes his friend wanted to record a guitarriff to a new song by following the built in metronome. We got his first riff and I made it into a loop for them and when we recorded the second riff that's when things went wacky. He played the riff a few times and I gave my friend the nod to hit the space bar and stop recording. The recording was immediatly gone. I assumed he accidentally deleted by by hitting another ley so I tried undo. No history for the even existed. So I took over and tried recording him. Every time it seemed to record fine but as soon as I hit stop POOF! the recording was gone. There's no recording in the folder we had set to record it in, nothing.

After tinkering with it for an hour I uninstalled Acid, removed all remaining folders, restarted it and reinstalled it. The problem was still there. So far it's still this way and I suspect my friend is now feeling like listening to me in buying it wasn't a good investement. BUT he knows my studio has been running it for ever. Any one else have this issue? I have never in my life seen this happen.
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