Factory Reset won't initiate

Post » Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:27 am

Model: VPC-CW21FX
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

Hello all,

I've decided to reset my laptop, simply to have a fresh slate to work with. However, I am unable to use any form of factory resetting. When I try to perform the operation via Vaio Care, it just restarts my computer and boots windows. If I press F10 during the Vaio bootloader, it goes to a text-only screen that gives me a command line to edit the boot parameters for Windows (which is not what i want to do).

I've reset my computer a few times before, but each time I was able to access the vaio recovery/diagnostics screen by pressing F10 (I think... it may have been F4). I am still able to access the windows recovery options with the recovery discs, but unfortunately it doesn't give me an option to do a factory reset.

A few days ago I unistalled Ubuntu, which could have something to do with this problem (GRUB might have screwed up my windows booter), but from what I can tell my recovery partition is intact. I took care to install Ubuntu on a partition made from my C: drive, so it shouldn't have done anything to my system files.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

*EDIT* Does anyone know if Sony puts their own MBR on their computers? When uninstalling ubuntu, I had to uninstall GRUB via "fixmbr" in the windows restore command prompt. This could have removed/unmounted any booter that Sony had previously put in.
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Jessica Nash
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Post » Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:14 pm

Have you tried using your recovery discs before?//you may need to check if your internal optical disk drive is the first boot priority in BIOS settings to make it boot from the recovery discs not from the hdd//or just get default values in BIOS//try running the recovery discs again after doing these steps//you should have an option to start vaio care rescue(for new models) or vaio recovery center(for older models)//then select restore complete system and include value added contents//tell me if this works...

***The built in recovery partition may have been corrupted(not the whole partition but the MBR of it) after you have installed ubuntu on your computer//try reinstalling complete system using your recovery discs and the recovery partition should work after that//just make sure to include value added contents//hope this helps...
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Post » Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:11 pm

Hello Blake,
If you are pressing [F10] and the message displays " Edit Boot Options" simply press Enter and the hidden partition will automatically load, you were almost there. this is normal and the partition is not corrupted at all.
once loaded you may choose C Drive recovery. just make sure you backup all important documents as it will wipe your unit clean back to its original factory out of box software state.
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Post » Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:54 am

I just have a question sir...sometimes when we ask the cust to press f10 it goes to the edit boot options but it shows that the boot option is for windows 7 for example instead of vaio care rescue or vaio recovery center//after pressing enter it will boot windows not the vaio recovery center//what may be the cause of the problem?
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Post » Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:55 am

Hello Kael, from your term customer you sound to be a tech. when your customers with a Sony notebook have this issue, and the partition will not load, then it is most likely corrupted and would require the DVDs created by the customer, or purchased from our parts center to be used. Once the recovery center loads off the DVDs the same steps above can be initiated. the Original Poster stated another OS was installed so possibly a 3rd party Boot Loader was installed that overwrote our bootloader that gave access to the Hidden partition.
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