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Can someone point me to a technical reference describing the binary file format for VMS clip marker data? The data can be stored in source media, or in SFL files, but I don't know if it's the same format even. I've written a program to strip out clip marker data that VMS Trimmer sticks into source MP4 files, but that didn't require me to parse/understand the clip data. Now I want to be able to actually parse it, exporting it to a text, and possibly insert it to another media file. Sounds a little strange, I know, but there are reasons, and a bit if history.

There is a bug/feature in VMS (see my other posts) that effectively forces you to allow the VMS Trimmer to modify your original source files if you want to save and successfully load clip markers and regions. Note, that I'm not referring to timeline markers. Trimmer creates sidecar SFL files when necessary (which includes when a source file is read only), but it doesn't actually load those SFL files if the source media could have stored the metadata. Anyway, that's water under the bridge. The point is, I can't use sidecar files that would have made all this irrelevant, and I don't have Pro, which might support other options (like scripting).

Now, I have some compressed source that is rather choppy to use directly in the editor, so I took a "pro tip" and created intermediate files for editing purposes. Worked like a champ, but now I have a problem. The intermediate files are HUGE, and now that the project is done I want to delete them. However, there are clip markers within the intermediate files that I want to preserve (marry them to the original source files if possible). Given the aforementioned bug/feature, VMS isn't going to help me, so I thought I would write some code to extract the markers and--at the very least--print a text list of the names and positions of each one.

I just need to know how to interpret the binary clip marker data. Can anyone point me to a reference?

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