I have been waiting since September 2 for Sony to follow through with their agreement with me. I am

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My journey started on September 2, 2015. My tv would not power on. I called support and went through all there steps. They said they would order the part and have a technician come and repair the tv. I received an email that evening saying the repair would take place the next day. I waited all day. No one called or showed up. I called the repair company and they told me they Don't service my area and that they had informed Sony. I called Sony and they said they would find a new repair tech.

I received a call from the repair company and they set up a date to come out. It was a week away. On the day of the appointment the repair company called and said they did not receive the part and Sony couldn't supply them with a tracking number.

I called Sony again and was told the part was on back order. This is week four. I let them know how unhappy I was. I was told that a customer relations representative would be calling me within 48 hrs. They did call and said they would replace the tv. I was fine with that.

A week later they called and said they didn't have any of my tv's in stock so they were going to upgrade my tv. I was once again pleased.

I received another call saying they do not have that available either. They offered another solution and I agreed to it. They picked up my tv and told me that I would need to wait six weeks from that date. That was at the end of September.

Every time I call now I get another story Now they are telling me I have to wait until January. They keep telling me that customer relations will call me. I am the only one calling and I have been told so many different stories that I am beginning to think I will never see results

What is wrong with you Sony. I have been a loyal customer for years and you treat me this way!

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Hi Pjjlord, we apologize for the bad experience. Your file is being reviewed, you will be contacted once done. Regards, Ella

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Hi Pjjlord,

This is apparently pretty standard for how Sony handles broken TVs. I've had the same issue (although my saga only began on October 30th, 2015). I was told a replacement TV would arrive in 5 - 7 business days, I did not receive any calls and once I called back, it turns out they had made a mistake on their end. Frustrated, I demanded I get a refund for the TV. Well apparently this needs to be passed to Sony Canada. I've been told 3 or 4 times now I would receive a call, and have not received anything. Even once I do receive a call, I do not expect to receive my refund cheque within their 4-6 week window. Sony has some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I hope you find a solution to your issue soon!

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Hi Romano164, I replied to your other post. Thanks, Hailey

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I was also told there was a mistake made on their end and have to wait an additional 6 weeks. This puts me into January. I will only believe it when I see it. In the mean time I am preparing a demand letter and checking into small claims court in California. I have tried to resolve this with Sony, but they just keep stalling. Good luck too you too

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