How can I get this question to the right person in Sony Cameras?

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How can I get this question to the right people in Sony Cameras? The main site contact form doesn't allow for a pre-sale question:

I'm planning to purchase a digital SLR type camera that has at least 24 megapixels, provides 4K video recording/storing/output, Wi-Fi, interchangeable lens with anti-shake capability zoom, and which will allow me to save my photos in full form so that I can view them in 4K on a Sony 4K TV.
Looking at the array of cameras is daunting. I prefer Sony. Can you point me to any of your cameras that will fulfill my needs? If there's one on the way before May of next year, please let me know about that as well. Also, I do not want the so-called very high priced professional cameras, i.e., at $5K or more. Thank you.

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In terms of a DSLR with 4k video, none yet.
Will there be one in the future? Yes there will.
When? No idea yet.

The closest thing that Sony currently has is the Sony RX10ii

DSLR like body, 4k video, built in optical stabiliser (in lens), wifi/NFC, etc

However, it's only 20mp and it doesn't use interchangeable lenses.
It's lens range is 18-200mm however (35mm equivalent)

Lastly, it's only a 1" sensor, so don't expect DSLR image quality, but quality that's close to DSLR quality nonetheless.
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Post » Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:01 pm

Thank you! Should have come here first.

I am planning the purchase for an upcoming (next year) trip to Europe, so I will wait and watch. Hopefully, Sony will release the 4K DSLR or a close full frame 4K capable camera before that time.

Thanks again.

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Hi nodnyl,

Sony has released mirrorless cameras such as the ILCE7RII and ILCE7SII that are able to record 4K movies. The ILCE7RII has a 42 MP sensor, while the ILCE7SII has 18 MP which is more suited for low light situations. Both are interchangeable lens cameras unlike the fixed lens of the DSCRX10ii. Although I would agree with bitsnpieces that it can also shoot in 4K.

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