how to get uniform audio levels

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I have MS 2.0 I have just finished my first video project composed of numerous scenes with a widely varying audio sources. What is the best way to get uniform audio levels? I found that my project has quite a variation of sound levels which is annoying in the final DVD of the project. I used Audacity to change some of the audio sources but how do you standardize or normalize the many different sound sources to get a more uniform and consistent audio level?
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Avril Churchill
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While I certainly hope somebody with a lot more knowledge than I can share with you an easy way to accomplish normalizing all your audio levels within VMS, here is one possible workaround that will cost you nothing. I use the Freebie version of a sound editor called WavePad to Normalize audio selections. There may be many locations to download the freebie version but here is one;
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Harry-James Payne
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I have always had good luck just playing with the gain and looking at the mixer meter. Just click the sound file once it is on the timeline and draw it down - or up. Seemed easy enough to me - just a couple more clicks. As far as doing a batch in one step I think that would be a script which apparently VMS does not support - yet (Are you reading this Sony?) Beyond that I think you are talking third party software.
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steve brewin
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Message Deleted by User.
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Rachell Katherine
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I first explained how I do it in MS Platinum, then I realized you asked in 2.0 so I deleted it. Then I remembered I still have 3.0 on my computer so I checked and you can right click, pick switches and then normalize on that so I decided to post again just in case 2.0 allowed it. If not, it would be another reason to upgrade. I don't know in 3.0 or 2.0 how you would adjust the defaut level like you can in Platinum. Sorry I can't be more help!
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Natasha Biss
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Thanks for your replies. First, I should have said I use MS 4.0. If I understand correctly, I can use the gain slider control on the audiotrack to adjust the gain for each clip separately . I thought that gain control was simply for playback during editing. Therefore , that slider gain control works as an audio editing tool! Can you confirm this for me, please?
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RObert loVes MOmmy
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"Therefore , that slider gain control works as an audio editing tool! Can you confirm this for me, please? "

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Music Show
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In MS 6.0, you can right click on the sound clip in the timeline, select "Switches", then select "Normalize". In my experience, this has the effect of increasing the volume significantly. However, I don't know if the normalize function samples the volume of ALL sound clips in the project, or just the individual sound clip, when it selects the normalize level.
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Adam Porter
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