How to sync audio?

Post » Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:30 am

I'm a complete novice and am struggling to sync audio tracks for my videos.

I record gameplay which is going to be uploaded to Youtube after editing/rendering. I've dabbled in it before and usually have been okay.

For this particular video I am having difficulties. The video of the game alongside the accompanying video are synced correctly as they were both recorded together using the same program (MSI-Afterburner). However, audio from Skype which I recorded using a separate program (Evaer) is what I'm having difficulty with.

In short, some times the Skype audio seems perfectly in-sync with the game video/audio, but other times (later on in the video) it doesn't. For example, one of my video clips is of a game called Counter Strike. At one point I kill an enemy and my friends react to it; I have this sync'd pretty well. However, very late in the video there is a shoot-out, however gunshots playing through someone else's speakers which you can hear in the background does not align correctly with what the gameplay video/audio is displaying. I'm probably explaining this pretty bad.

This is without rendering, it's all during editing. Anyone have any suggestions?
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