SF 10 Install Question

Post » Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:06 pm

Hello. For various reasons I needed to rebuild my audio computer. I just finished installing SF 10 and CDA 5.2. After installing and activating the software, I then installed updates.

After the update was completed, my Sony Folder now contains:
- SF 10
- CDA 5.2
- Noise Reduction Plug-in
- Noise Reduction Plug-in 2.0
- Shared Plug-ins
- Sony Setup

The Sony Setup folder was created when I updated CDA 5.2. It contains a single folder also named CDA 5.2.

I assume I can simple delete the Noise Reduction Plug-in folder, and keep the Noise Reduction Plug-in 2.0 folder. Can I also delete the Sony Setup folder? Can anyone advise me whether it is ok to delete these two folders?

Thank you
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