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Post » Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:32 pm

Hi, I am a new user to Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Ver 11 Build 220 and took delivery only yesterday.

I have previous experience with Pinnacle Studio v 10 but had read a lot of encouraging reviews about the Sony product and so decided to give it a go.

So far I have not managed to get a single video file accepted by VMS and wondered if I was doing something wrong?

I have researched for answers here and find that there may have been earlier issues with earlier version of VMS and also the file format of HDD storage i.e. FAT32 as opposed to NTFS. Also importing files from external drives other than the C drive appears to raise an issue.

That said, I can confirm that I am using the C drive formatted to NTFS to import relatively small phone camera clips without any success. The message I am repeatedly getting is "None of the files dropped on Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum could be opened". These files play perfectly in Windows Media Player anf VLC Media Player.

The real irony to this is the phone camera that recorded the files is a Sony Ericsson C902.

I would really like to be able to compile the many short clips I have here onto a DVD as they hold some great moments of my daughter at school events etc.

In addition to the .mp4 files I am having problems with, I am also getting similar problems with 3GPP files from a Nokia camera phone. Error message reads " Warning: An error occurred while opening one or more files. The reason for the error could not be determined" These also play perfectly in WMP and VLC MP

I also have some TV HDD recorded files that I would like to archive to DVD.
These are MPEG-2 TS (.ts) files. They play perfectly in Windows Media Player and VLC media player also, but they will not import into VMS either. The message for this rejection is "Warning: An error occurred while opening one or more files. The file could not be opened . Make sure the file exists and that you have access to the file/folder"

So far I have had a pretty dissapointing experience with VMS !!

I am sure it is something simple, I also accept that certain file formats can cause problems, but not usually when they play perfectly on freely available media players and are clearly not corrupted.

I have also noticed that one or two posts here refer to having the latest Quicktime player installed.

Do I need to have Quicktime installed in order for VMS to feed off Quiktime DLL files that are likely installed with Quicktime?

Any suggestions will be gratefully received. Many thanks.
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Cedric Pearson
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Post » Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:24 pm

Unfortunately, video from mobile phones doesn't make the best source video -- even when it's coming from a Sony device. So there's nothing ironic about that.

Unlike media players, video editing software must be built around specific codecs, usually traditional camcorder codecs and formats. Video for phone and DVRs usually use codecs designed to squeeze as much data as possible into as small as space as possible. Most likely you would have problems editing that video no matter which video editing program you used!

Have you opened your video files with the program Media Info to see which codecs are being used in them?

And, in order to give Vegas Movie Studio a good, fair test drive, have you tried video from a miniDV, HDV or AVCHD camcorder?

And, yes, you definitely should have Quicktime installed on your computer. It supports a number of video editing functions.

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Jennifer Rose
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Post » Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:32 pm

Hi Steve, thanks for the good advice. I was aware of the drop in quality of phone cams etc, but was hoping I could archive them in some way using VMS.

I have certainly today had a success loading editing and currently rendering for a DVD project using VMS. These were also MP4 files taken from my Sanyo HD pocket cam-corder and looking forward to the finished results.

When the rendering is finished I will explore the problem files again. You mention using the program Media info. Having checked online I see that is a Sourceforge free program. I usually right click / properties for file type info. Using Media Info must route out the actual codecs used on a given file. I will install that too.

I will be loading Quicktime later, thanks for confirming the necessity for that also.
Many thanks.
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Josh Lozier
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Post » Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:43 am

I also think it's very important to set your project up correctly, Radio.

Fortunately, VMS makes this relatively simple. Go to the Project menu and select New. On the project set-up window, select Match Media Settings and then browse to select one of the clips from your camera phone.

It may not be able to match the exact codec on your phone, but doing this will automatically set up your project to match your footage as closely as possible.
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Post » Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:20 pm

Note that QuickTime is only necessary if you'll be using MOV files, TIF still images, or a small assortment of Apple-produced MP4 types (sadly there are about as many different and incompatible varieties of MP4 as there are companies making cameras). If you aren't going to be using any of those sorts of files then QuickTime isn't necessary. It's quite a hog and can cause a variety of issues, so if you don't need it, don't install it.
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Rachie Stout
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