Need to convert 32 bit wav files to 24 bit wav fil

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Doing a 192 KHz, 24 bit recording of an opera tonight Vegas 13/computer messed up and generated a 192/32 bit recording. This is 17 GB of material in two stereo tracks. Vegas can import the file but is unable to open it. Ditto for Sound Forge. Any ideas on what I have here and any ideas on how to salvage it? Any ideas on how to convert the 32 bit files to something Sony programs can read?
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Change the file(s) extension from <.wav> to <.raw> and open in Sound Forge. It can then be down-sampled or re-saved as a Wave64 <.w64> which is not subject to size limitations and will open in VP.
"Vegas 13/computer messed up and generated a 192/32 bit recording"
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Tried it and nothing appeared on the SF timeline. Options such as SAVE wee grayed out. Another program reported that the file may be damaged. Seems like there must be something there because it took a good bit of time to copy the files to a backup folder. but apparently I'll be unable to access it.
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Problem solved! A free application, VLC Media Player was able to play the files with no problem! VLC has the option of converting to other formats the best being CD audio. So what I'll do is play back using the original 192/32 files and re-record them at 192/24 and hope for the best.
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