Need help in picture quality of XBR65X850C?

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Good morning
Just purchased Sony 4K 850C tv in 65''

im very confused on what setting to set this TV on for the best picture possible
i watch on Time warner cable, Amazon fire TV 4k for netflix & apple TV 4.
i have noticed some of the movies i watch have grain in the background & when you sit up close it isnt crystal clear & somewhat blurry. My old Samsung 65'' plasma pn64D800F never had this problem. it was very clean on Time warner / amazon. My cable box , Amazon & apple tv are connected to my Pioneer Reciver. and all share on my TVs HDMI imput channel 3.

On the TV i have set these following

HDMI input 3 Signal Format is ON Enhanced from standerd
i have set FULL from limited

Vivd is on

any help will be appriciated


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Stacey Mason
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I have the 55in X850C. It's really personal preference, but:

My Cable Box (on HDMI 3) is the Standard picture preset, which looks pretty good for general TV.

My PS4 (HDMI into HT-CT78 Soundbar, to HDMI 4) is a custom mode I made that reduces a lot of the post processing effects while still keeping the image pretty clean, to help reduce latency for games. I'll change this to the Standard or Cinema preset when watching a movie or something depending on how Im feeling.

In terms of "grain" - Yeah some movies have film grain. Sometimes part of movie effect, sometimes as simple noise as the result of camera gain. That said I believe there is a grain effect on the TV in the video settings somewhere, meant to tastefully add that film effect. I believe this can be raised or lowered or turned off completely. Maybe check that and see if some tweaks to it make it look better? Remember each input can have its own seperate picture setting so maybe go through and make some tweaks to the image presets (or start with the custom one) and change

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Stat Wrecker
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Okay i should set standered on my cable box

and enhanced format on my FireTV 4k

and whats the benifit in putting setting to FULL instead of limited or auto ?

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Natalie Taylor
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Post » Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:48 pm

Well first off don't confuse Picture Adjustment presets with HDMI Signal Format.

For Picture Adjustments (Presets or Custom), there is no "wrong" setting, you adjust it to taste. Adjust the presets or custom setting to get the image looking the way you want. You may need to do some tinkering. This is where I think you'll find settings to improve the image to your taste. Picture Adjustments are seperate for each Input.

For HDMI Signal Format, there is a right/wrong option for this. This is also input-specific (HDMI only). It should be STANDARD by default, and you should ONLY select "ENHANCED" if the hooked up device supports Enhanced format output (ie. 4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4Smiley Happy If a device does not support this, then it should be left on Standard.

A "4K device" doesn't necessarily mean it suports 4K @ 60Hz, just check manuals/references for each device if you are unsure.

The last thing you mentioned is Dynamic Range. Admittedly Im no exper on the matter, but this is a good resource:

If my research is correct, the Amazon Fire TV 4K does not support HDR (4:4:4) or 60Hz 4K output, meaning you should set that devices input to STANDARD on the enhanced format setting.

Since the Apple TV 4 does not even do 4K I think, you should also leave that to STANDARD on the enhanced format setting

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Post » Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:19 pm

Thank you very much


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