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Dear Sony forum readers and helpers,
I live in Central Florida. Got CenturyLink Prism ADSL2+. close to 8 Mbps download, sorry upload of under 1 Mbps. I was asked to recommend something to use Netflix and Internet Browser on TV. So I investigated reviews online and went with a Roku recommendation (to my brother in law for his needs). So he purchased a Roku 2 XS around January 13, works great for its YouTube app and Netflix, but didn't come with browser. So we exchanged it for the Sony Internet TV with Blue-ray player unit [Sony NSZ-GT1], which comes with Android operating system and Google TV and applications pre-installed such as YouTube and Netflix. Unfortunately the YouTube and Netflix wouldn't stream very well or none at all, the Netflix asks me to try again. Did hours of troubleshooting and phone tech support and investigating forums all over including this one. Finally gave up because this forum would not respond and other avenues would tell me to contact manufacturer. I suspected the Internet provider so I took this device to another home (my brother's who lives down the street) which uses Brighthouse network Road Runner Cable modem Internet with similar upload and download speeds, but in this network, the Google TV device was able to connect to Netflix to ask me to become a member, and to play YouTube videos through the pre-installed YouTube application. I really liked the Sony unit for it's Google Chrome on Google TV and its remote with a full set of Qwerty keys. But took it back to try yet another device, a Sony network media player [SMP N200], but although this media player is simpler it does allow YouTube and Netflix to stream well, but the browser was lame. So I took it back to try yet another product, the Logitech Revue with Google TV, which has similar software to the Sony Google TV [Sony NSZ-GT1], but unfortunately same problem as the Sony Google TV. So I suspect Sony and Logitech are going to pass it along to Google and ignore us like they do on this forum and elsewhere and say contact Google?
Anybody else with this or similar problems? Where can I get help? My Internet provider won't respond except to say try Google DNS server settings, or contact the manufacturer.

Please help.

Jairo Moreno, in care of Antonio Caravia

I hope I get a quick and well considered response
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