Netflix: Is anyone having the same problems as me?

Post » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:05 am

I am having problems with my Sony Blu-ray DVD player - the BDP-S270 with Netflix streaming. My movies keep stopping and reloading every time. Sometimes they freeze up - how can I fix this? Anyone? Anything that could help me?
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Post » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:53 am

Rebuffering is caused by fluctuations or changes in Internet connection speed. This error will occur even if Web pages load quickly or even after a good test result from a third-party speed test Web site through a computer. This is because when trying to watch a movie from Netflix, the Internet connection cannot maintain a high speed for a long period of time, so the movie has to pause and rebuffer.

Perform both speed and ping tests to check not only speed, but look for packet loss. Try testing by connecting wired to see if you are experiencing Interference. are you on a VOIP line? If you are experiencing speed issues consult your local ISP or check your network topography.
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Yung Prince
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Post » Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:53 am

I am having this same problem.... I got so frustrated that I went up and finished a movie with our WII without problems.... We have a broadband connection with a netgear wireless router.... The sony is hardwired and I am still having the freezing issues.... and not with the laptop or the WII..... internet speed tests show my speed to be about 27mbps.... suggestions please....
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Post » Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:20 am

Since speed is fine perform a Ping test. you are experiencing packet loss. since the Blu-ray does not have a Built in Hard drive as your other devices mentioned do, its purely streaming. and as stated before, The Internet connection cannot maintain a high speed for a long period of time, so the movie has to pause and rebuffer.

Consult us directly and lets see if we can obtain a more comprehensive diagnostics to help you.
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Izzy Coleman
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Post » Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:46 am

Yes, I have the same problem with our new Bravia tv. Called Sony tech today and he explained it as Sony not having the software that can ensure HD movies stream flawlessly. This wasn't his first answer of course---I had done a test and streamed by tv and laptop simultaneously and only got the glitch on the tv and not the laptop. I've read of other consumers having no problem with streaming through playstation or WII and other machines while they had the same issue as me with their Bravias. So after checking I had the latest software, he concluded that it was a Sony software (my conclusion to begin with as I had called asking for a patch to fix the problem). I'm hoping this gets resolved soon. We ended up completing a movie on my laptop as it was freezing every 2 minutes!
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Post » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:05 am

I started having this problem with my BDP-N460 about a week ago. I have been working with Sony tech support, but have not found a solution as yet. Tech support is to call me back on Monday.
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Ashley Hill
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Post » Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:11 am

I have a BDPS570 and with every update the problems with Netflix get worse and worse as if Sony is trying to drive their machine owners away from Netflix to Sony. This machine is junk. I tested my Internet connection through three different systems and it averages 27.5 Mbs on the download. It takes several tries to even get a Netflix Streaming Video to start much less keep playing. You get error messages like "The Network Is Down" and "This device is not enabled to play this protected content." " I just updated the firmware a couple of days ago to M04.R.752 and there has been no improvement. The problem is the same no matter if I use a wired or wireless connection. The BDPS570 has it's own wireless connection on an N-Band 2.5 GHz. My router is a brand new Dual Band with a, b, g and n at 2.5 GHz and n at 5 GHz. Every excuse Sony comes up with is a lie because I have tried every one of them and none of them change anything. The player actually worked best when I first bought it and I only started having the Netflix problems after the first Firmware update. So Sony is actually creating the Netflix problem, not solving it.
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Javier Borjas
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Post » Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:59 am

We are having so much trouble keeping our Netflix movies going. They take a long time to load, and then once they start, have to stop to reload about every 3 or 4 minutes for 6 or 7 minutes every time.
We've tried resetting all the settings, return to factory default settings, etc.
Is there anything else we can do? It was running fine until recently. Our Sony is barely 3 months old, how can this already be happening?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
And if you're facing this issue as well- good luck!
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Jonathan Windmon
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Post » Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:01 am

I haven't characterized the problem myself but my wife says that it's only Netflix. Both hard wired and wireless, the problem is consistently buffering every two minutes or so. The comment about needing an internal HD to buffer is inaccurate because I have a ROKU box wirelessly streaming and it NEVER had a problem. I have 90 days to return this TV and if Sony doesn't fix it then I will go buy a Samsung. That was my gut feeling to begin with but this was such a screaming deal, I had to try it. Sony is falling to Samsung, if you ask me.
PS. When I first hooked up the TV to my Ethernet, I was getting more channels, i.e. I had a CBS channel, now a couple days later I can't find it. Anybody know where it could've gone?
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Alberto Aguilera
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Post » Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:30 am

I my houshold we watch Netflix through a Sony KDL-series TV, Xbox 360 and an LG Bluray player. The Sony is the only component I have streaming issues with. I spoke with Sony support a few months back and was told that there is a 10MB internet speed requirement to run Netflix on Sony equipment. I have 6MB. ( I did confirm with them that the 10MB is a Sony requirement, Not a Netflix req.)
I have been very happy with my KDL and purchased it before Netflix was available on it, But Sony should get with the program. Their competition has much lower speed requirements.
My second TV - Bluray purchase was LG due to this issue. I like Sony and would rather buy Sony due to good history over the years. But I gotta say, unless this is resolved, When I replace my 3rd and last TV (Sony Trinitron) It wont be replaced with a Sony Product.

As I was typing this I have decided to replace the Sony Bluray player hooked up to my KDL with the same LG model I bought for my daughter. No more Netflix thru my Sony TV. Problem solved.
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