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Post » Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:54 pm

I have a BDP-BX57 and this code keeps coming while trying to watch a movie in Netflix. What is the problem? Netflix says that its something wrong with Sony, maybe updating their system.
Is this true?
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Post » Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:29 am

I have a BDP-BX57 Bluray player, KDL-46NX711 LCD TV and a KDL-32EX308 LCD TV. They are all connected to my wireless network. Up until a month or so ago, they worked great when watching HD Netflix content. Now almost every time I try to watch HD content on Netflix, the picture freezes. This happens on all of these Sony devices at all times of the day or night. The strange thing is, I can immediately connect to the same content with my Wii game console and there are no freezing issues. The Wii is not HD so I wonder if the issue is with the HD quality video stream. Note that I have a fast cable internet connection and I am using a simultaneous dual band wireless N router. The problem cannot simply be my internet connection speed nor my wireless network connection speed. Besides, this never happened a couple of months ago. This is a Sony problem and it needs to be addressed. If it is due to HD video content, Sony should add a feature via firmware update to be able to select the quality of the streaming video.
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Post » Wed Nov 09, 2011 6:52 pm

Thank you for your post.
Re-buffering is caused by fluctuations or changes in Internet connection speed. This error will occur even if Web pages load quickly or even after a good test result from a third-party speed test Web site through a computer. This is because when trying to watch a movie from Netflix, the Internet connection cannot maintain a high speed for a long period of time, (packet loss) so the movie has to pause and re-buffer. Sony Bravia Internet devices do not have control over content providers. To send viewers of good quality videos some content provider frequently validate signal to ensure signal is constantly at high speed, otherwise you get buffering, stoppage or movie will not start.

Perform speed test and ping test using a laptop connected to your wireless network on the same location as the Sony devices, this way you verify your wireless connection as well (as new wireless devices, equipment’s in or around your home or recent software update to network devices can affect the wireless connection speed).

If recent update is causing the issue, power cycle all associated devices by disconnecting the AC cord from the wall outlet for a few minute. If the issue persists after resetting all network devices, Sony devices and confirming steady signal speed, please contact our technical support team for further assistance.
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Post » Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:52 am

sonymod_wi, you said: "Re-buffering is caused by fluctuations or changes in Internet connection speed." While technically a true statement, as is often the case, there is more to the story than this simple phrase. Re-buffering of Netflix (or the dreading 'loading...' message seen on my Sony S370 player) can also be caused by your servers being overloaded. As long as Sony continues to insist on proxying the connections to Netflix (instead of letting your customer's devices connect directly to the content providers) this problem will occur. If you (Sony) cannot address this issue with a firmware upgrade to the devices, then your only choice is to fix the problem within your server world. However, after having watched this forum for several months, and seeing the typical response to customer's complaints about Netflix streaming, I'm convinced that Sony either doesn't care to fix the problem, or doesn't know how to fix it. Time after time, customers report that when the problem occurs, all they have to do is to switch to a non-Sony device that's sharing the same network connection, and the problem immediately goes away. This too is my experience. But the bottom line is this: Sony has lost me as a customer. I currently have a Sony TV, a Sony receiver, and a Sony Blu-Ray player. I'm in the market to upgrade the TV and the receiver (and now the blu-ray player), and I can assure you that Sony's lack of a meaningful response to the Netflix streaming issue has ensured that I will never again purchase a Sony product.
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Post » Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:13 am

I continue to have problems with our sony blu ray player S570 consistently "buffering" in the middle of even short programs, despite taking measures mentioned by sony and other posts. I had the false assumption that Netflix had overloaded servers. I did not realize that these data are having to go through Sony servers? I can watch Netflix programming with very infrequent and brief "loading" interruptions on my Wii, laptop, and Iphone (No, not until the Sony BluRay S570 starts trying to "reload".
It does make more sense that Sony is in/advertently slowing my access to subscribed programming.
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Post » Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:57 am

I have two Bluray S570's, and they constantly freeze and disconnect from the server while watching Netflix. This happened yesterday, and I immediately used my laptop to play Netflix, so I know it was not a Netflix issue. This is extremely frustrating. The PQ on blurays and on streaming (when it is working) is very good, but the intermittent streaming capability due to Sony's servers being overloaded is a deal breaker. These are probably my last Sony products.
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Post » Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:31 pm

Since nothing has been done by Sony to resolve these problems,
it's obvious they are not interested in customer satisfaction once
they have our money. I too will not purchase any other Sony products because they do not care about their customers. This is clear by the continuing posts by customers for the same issues over and over and nothing has been done. Shame on you Sony! We all know these issues are not impossible to solve. Instead of taking the time to show your customers you care about what they want, you simply move on to new svckers! If this is not true, prove me wrong by fixing all the issues listed here, and there are plenty!!!
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Post » Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:42 am

I have the same issue that others have posted with Netflix pausing and rebuffering with the SONY BDP-S570. I know that it is the player because I have no problem streaming the same content in the same room with other devices.

After doing much research on the internet, I have noted many, many users that have this same problem and it is unfortunate and upsetting that Sony is not addressing this issue.

As such, I plan to sell my Sony player and I will never purchase another Sony product again.
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Post » Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:49 am

To sonymod_wi:
I have run an ethernet cable to my Blu-ray player and the problem still exists so the issue has nothing to do with my wireless network. I have done ping tests and I never have packet losses. My connection always gets an "A" grade whenever I run tests. To get around my buffering problem I have had to set my Netflix account to a lower resolution setting. This is frustrating because I have purchased HD televisions and Blu-ray players but to get them to work I have to use lower resolution settings for my streaming. My brother just purchased and installed a Panasonic LED television with built in WiFi. He can connect to Netflix wirelessly and watch the highest resolution streaming from Netflix with no buffering issues. He has a DSL system that has a lower bandwidth than my cable system and he can watch streaming video from Netflix with no issues. I took my Sony Blu-ray player over and connected it to his system and got the buffering issue. That has to prove this is a Sony problem. Two pieces of equipment connected side by side to the same system and the Sony has problems but the Panasonic does not. If Panasonic devices can do it, why can't Sony devices do it? If it is because Sony devices have to go through Sony servers then why can't this be changed? Sony, you need to put customer satisfaction higher on your priority list right now and fix this. Dissatisfied customers need to start sharing this information on consumer websites so that others can start to consider other brands of equipment when they go shopping. My brother was going to buy the same Sony Blu-ray player as mine until we ran our test. Now he is going to buy another brand.
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Post » Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:28 pm

I also have this error. I have a BDP-S580. When the netflix checks link speed it will check at 10 Mbps, so it sends a high quality video. When the video actually starts playing it will get to max of 3. This causes much loading/buffering. I have stopped the constant buffering by limited my wireless router to 4 Mbps. This gets netflix to send out a video quality that can be maintained by the 3 Mbps stream speed. I hate this solution, but it makes netflix at least watchable. I can watch VUDU movies on HDX in their entirety without buffers if I set my router back to auto select a speed. My brother in law also brought his samsung wireless bluray player over and it streams just fine at around 10 Mbps in the same location. I hope Sony fixes this issue or we can figure out a way to bypass the sony servers.
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Post » Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:41 am

Maybe it's time Sony finds itself on the wrong side of a class action lawsuit?

I needed a 3D bluray player and the main deciding point for purchasing my Sony S570 was due to Netflix. It's not exactly living up to its advertised promise.

Worked great for nine months and now it's to the point of being worthless. Netflix has and still works 100% perfect on both my laptops using the same wireless router.

There are over 30 other services on this player that work PERFECT...Crackle works perfect and UStudio which is all HD simply screams and buffers a mile ahead.
Lastly, even the new 3D Experience service works great and we're talking major bandwidth for 1080i 3D.

Has anyone confirmed that Sony is really routing all Netflix traffic through their servers causing a bottleneck? I'm also wondering if one of the last firmware updates isn't causing this problem.
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Post » Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:09 am

So how about it Sony? A Google search shows there's an obvious problem with your bluray players and Netflix, so when are we going to see a fix?

And please don't feed me an automatic form letter response about wireless routers or ISP bandwidth problems. Other players work fine off the same service and router. The 2+ dozen other services offered on my BDP-S570 also work perfect including HD content and the new 3D Experience service.

Could it be most of the other working services owned by Sony?

Funny how Netflix worked fine for nine months and problems started popping up in late July for countless people.
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Post » Thu Nov 10, 2011 5:14 am

I have a Sony BDP-S780 which sometimes freezes about every 5 mins (for a period of about 15-30 secs) when I am watching a movie on Netflix. It's virtually unwatchable, especially in the evenings.

However, when I then watch the same movie on Netflix using a web browser on my Sony VGX-XL3 Viao Media PC, it works perfectly.

Similarly, when I watch a streaming movie on the BDP-S780 using the Amazon Video on Demand service, it also works flawlessly.

I did a throughput speed test on the Time-Warner Cable connection and I have about 20Mbps download and about 950kbps upload. There is no issue with the wireless connection, which uses a NetGear WNDR-3700 wireless router.

There is definitely a bug with the BDP-S780 which causes it to freeze when connected to Netflix, which gets worse in the evening.

Does anyone know when Sony is going to release a new version of firmware to fix this bug ?

It is really sad that Sony can't fix an obvious problem such as this.
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Post » Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:58 am

I can totally relate to all you here! I bought a Sony blu ray player with the built in wi-fi specifically for the purpose of netflix in my bedroom. Some times I can make it through a full movie without it re-buffering but most of the time it will start, then once it does it once the bandwidth drops to around 2.5 - 3.0MB then will Rebuffer very few minits making it unwatchable. The only thing I can do is stop the movie and restart it and hope it runs without pausing again. I have been watching these forums for several months now and seen the mods say the same thing over and over which tells me they refuse to accept the fact that it is their problem. Typical of tech support people really lol. It is truly sad because they usually have good quality products but from ths standpoint I may have to rethink purchasing Sony products in the future. I know it isn't my network because all my other devices, Xbox, wii, computers, iPad, etc have no problems streaming Netflix without rebuffering like the blu ray player does. WAKE UP SONY, YOU ARE FAILING YOUR CUSTOMERS! You may have already lost one in me.
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Post » Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:19 am

My Sony bdp-bx57 (same as bdp-s570) has the same issue. It will stream anything on the menu except Netflix. The Netflix will pause every 5 minutes and rebuffer, this makes the movie completely unwatchable. I found in the player menu a signal strength report. It reads between 65% to 75%. I am on cable broadband service that runs between 20 to 25 MBPS and when I watch a Netflix stream on my laptop placed right next to the TV it is perfect. THIS IS A SONY PROBLEM!! Let me know when this will be fixed or supply me with a Blueray player that will stream Netflix. My TV is also a Sony. It is an older model with only 2 HDMI inputs. If it had more I would just spend the few bucks for a Roku box. Please post some answers. I have been reading about this problem on many blogs.
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