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Post » Mon Dec 07, 2015 10:02 pm

I bought two Sony boom box CD players on August 31, 2014, for $50 each. BOTH have died within 1 week of each other, just 3 months after the 1-year warranty expired. This is ridiculous!!! If one had died, I could chalk it up to being a lemon. For BOTH to die right after the warranty is over means you are producing a shoddy product buitl to fail right after the warranty expires. That is a horrible way to build customer loyalty. Now I am stuck with two non working CD players and am out $100. No CD player should die after 1 year.

I will NEVER buy another SONY product unless something is done to remedy this situation. Please contact me. I called the 800 number and they said they cannot help me and that only this site can be used for complaints. So, here is the complaint. Do something about it!

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Hi sashalynn, let me send you a private message. Regards, Ella

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So, they refuse to do anything about the two players that died right after the 1 year warranty, and in simply offering a 15% discount on a new product. Do you seriously think I would spend ANY money on another Sony product after this? And 15%??? I can get better discounts than that at any store sale. Sony has lost my business forever!

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