Audio not making it on the disc

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*Update* I did a forum search and found a couple of references to audio transfer problems with DVDA Pro 6. Is this possible?
I'm using the trial version of DVD Architect Pro 6.0. I've successfully added ac-3 audio with the video in DVD Architect. It plays fine in the preview window. When I render a BD .iso file and burn to disc (from Windows, not DVD Architect), the menus work and videos play fine, but the audio doesn't transfer. Tried both Surround 5.1 and straight stereo. My BD player seems to detect an audio channel, with a banner showing Dolby ac-3 and the bit rate info, but no sound. I get sound fine on my system when rendering videos to non-menu disc format straight from Movie Studio Platinum 13. I went through all the project property settings and made sure they match. Any suggestions?
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