DVD created will play on a DVD player

Post » Sun Jun 15, 2014 10:08 pm

Hello. This is a new issue to me and i am on a deadline to produce these DVDs. I created and edited the video using Movie Studio Platinum 12 and burned it in DVD Architect 5.0. Upon completion, I am able to play it in any laptop but not on a BlueRay DVD player. I am not looking to burn a BR DVD, but it should still play on one. I am using Memorex DVD+RDL...8X 8.5GB disk. Is it possible the DVD did not finalize correctly? I went through the process twice with the same results. I am fairly new at this and seeking whatever help I can get. Thanks in advance.
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Just use a different media brand manufacturer. And DO NOT use Dual Layer discs for burns.
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Thanks for the quick reply.
The video is 5.6 gb. That is why i went to Dual Layer.
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