Using an image as a highlught?

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I'm trying to create a custom highlight, using an image to pop up next to a selected button. Sony's webinar briefly explains how to do this. The mask mapping options under the highlight tab are Transparency, Intensity, and Color Channel. Can anyone explain what these are?. My image only shows up if I select "Intensity", and only as a monochrome image, and only after manipulating the opacity of the original (.jpg). Is there a file format that I should put the image into if I want a full-color render when used as a highlight? A lot of questions, I know. Could use any answers!
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Post » Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:12 pm

DVD standard calls for the highlight area to be made in a mask function - in other words, based on your call of transparency, color channel, or intensity - you are calling upon the mask to function in a particular way. But it is a mask image - made of light and dark. NOT full-color.
In a button thumbnail image -you do have the ability to represent full-color - this is the button image - but the highlight (selection) in either an underline, asterisk, or button frame to call out the button activation is based on a mask.
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