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I just spent a fair amount of time building a menu based Blu Ray disk using DVD Architect Studio V5. Most of the folks who want a copy of this project will want BR but at few will want a DVD.

Is there some "simple" way to burn a DVD from the BR project without rebuilding the who project over from the start? Basically, to convert the BR project to a DVD project "with the push of a button" or something like that?

If the answer is that I could have done a BR if I had started with DVD that won't help me this time but it might be useful next time around.

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Dorian Cozens
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Depends , depends, on a lot of things. This has been an endless topic covered in this forum for ages.
Generally you make a BLu-ray project with Blu-ray inputs and you can change the project to DVD type and create a DVD.Your DVD will look mediocre, and if you have created subtitles and used this workflow - don't expect very much at all.
Best -
Create a Blu-ray project with Blu-ray quality inputs
Create a DVD project with DVD quality and optimization practices with DVD quality inputs.
All of this done in VegasPro NLE
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Thanks for the very prompt response. Not the answer I was hoping for but the answer was very clear. I do appreciate that.
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