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Hi there,

I have a designed a wedding film Blueray that also should have a slideshow of appr. 350 pictures.

The first time I put all the pictures in one picture compilation, and I thought it would work like in the preview in the program, which is that the first appr. 75 pictures have a chapter number but the rest would still be available with play/ fast forward, like the help text also suggests. This is also the way it works in the preview inside DVDA.

After a whole day of rendering I tried the Blueray in my real player (LG) but it doesnt work correctly, all pictures above 75 are gone/black, so it seems only the first 75 will work.

I tried to fix this by working hours again to divide the pics into 5 seperate galleries on the disk, but to my frustration only the first compilation actually works on the final Blueray. The other 4 galleries are black again....

Is this a limitation of the Blueray format or did I do something wrong?

BTW to make 5 identical menu items for the picture compilations, I copied the first and then deleted the pics from the compilation and replaced them with 75 new ones, maybe this is the wrong way to do it?

Thanks for the answer!

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