Soft Synth plug-in "ARIA for ACID Pro"

Post » Wed Dec 31, 2014 9:22 am

Error when loading the Aria .acd version of 'Just So You Know - ARIA Version.acd'.

1st time opening this acd and subsequent loads. New install with all perceptible updates, licensing from all addons. Windows 8.1 pro x64 as admin.

No sound, but I do not have MIDI running, so that might be why its silent.

Does something have to be re-installed after all of the Acid, Garritan Aria player, Native and other addon updates?

Sorry no pics to attach but Acid is version 7.0e (Build 713).

It will load after the error which states:
An error occurred while loading the project file Just So You Know - ARIA Version.acd. An error occurred when loading a plug-in or plug-ins. The plug-in(s) specified are not installed on this system.

The Soft Synth plug-in "ARIA for ACID Pro" was not found or did not load properly.
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