Can't open SFP11 (build 299) on Computer # 2

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First of all, the computer in question is Windows 8 - not sure if it is 32 bit or 64 bit. Here's the problem that just came up today.
I received & loaded my SFP11 several weeks ago on both of my Laptops (need it on both - one for upstairs studio & one for downstairs studio) with no problem at all. The program worked fine on both machines. Even after the initial update that I had to perform immediately when I loaded the program (with the latest version - 298 ?), everything worked fine on both computers. Well, yesterday I got a message telling me to download yet a newer version (299), so I downloaded that ver. on Laptop #1 (the Windows 7 one upstairs). It works just fine & I can open it anytime & get to working right away. However, today, when I turned on my downstairs studio (Windows 8) laptop to begin working, I got a message on that one to download the newest version (299) as well. So I did the very same thing I did on Laptop #1. However, after I did that, I can no longer open my SFP11 on my downstairs Laptop #2. Now, when I click on the Sound Forge icon, instead of the program opening, I get a window (Sony) that says this:
"Registration of Sound forge Pro requires elevated privileges & "Blah, Blah, Blah.....". When I click on the "Next" button, I get the standard window that asks me "if I want this program to make changes on this computer ?" When I click "Yes" on this, that window disappears, then NOTHING happens - the program does NOT open at all. I'm very confused now, especially since I've already done an update (298) on this one as previously described on BOTH computers with no problem. PLEASE HELP - I REALLY NEED SFP11 ON BOTH COMPUTERS & HAVE AN IMPORTANT MASTERING PROJECT TO CONTINUE ON. I thank you ahead of time, especially if you can PLEASE get back to me ASAP. Thank you much .
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Rather than repeating advice elsewhere, try reading other posts regarding this e.g.
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