Movie Studio 13 - CUDA & GPU rendering broken?

Post » Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:18 am

hey everyone, i have a problem here i'm trying to resolve.

Basically i have done a whole load of testing with Movie Studio Platinum 13 and i believe CUDA or GPU rendering is completely broken.

Having performed many many tests rendering the same clip using different codecs (MainConcept, Sony AVC/AAC), different settings etc i never get ANY rendering speed increase using CUDA or OpenCL GPU rendering options.

I have read that nvidia broke a lot of CUDA support after the 340.52 drivers so i have also tried older (337.88), newer and the latest nvidia video drivers to no effect.

In addition to this i have been monitoring GPU load using GPU-Z and there is little or no activity on the GPU during rendering (maybe 5-10%) on all of my tests.

I have also run my tests without any system video driver installed and get about the same results, further indicating that the GPU rendering support just isn't working.

This is essentially an identical problem that video blogger Dave Jones is experiencing which he made a video about recently:

My system:
Intel i7-3770K, 16Gb RAM, nvidia GTX-750Ti (2Gb) on Windows 7 Pro 64bit, Movie Studio Platinum 13 (Build 932)

has anyone else seen this issue or know of a fix?
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