Studio 10: HD capture - just audio on playback

Post » Tue Feb 03, 2015 7:19 am

Capturing HD footage into Studio Vegas 10 (build 179) and only audio can be heard when the clips are played in the Vegas Exporer window or imported into an HD project. The Handycam they are captured from is set for HD export and the captures playback fine in VLC media player - so why not in Vegas?

While capturing, the Vegas HD capture window did not show a preview, though images were playing normally on the Handycam's LCD screen. (The one tape captured has taken up about 11gb of space, if that's what you'd expect from that length of HD capture.)

How can I get Vegas to handle the clips correctly and display both video and audio signals?

(Have searched the Forums and the Knowledge Base, but couldn't find anything that would help and Sony have closed email support for Studio 10.)
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