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Hi all,

Not familiar with scripting myself but wanted to see if someone on these forums might be able to assist. There is a script that comes with SF labeled 'Detect CD tracks' which almost does what I need. This script SEEMS to search for a specific volume threshold for a set period of time (i.e. half a second below -60 dB) to trigger the next track break.

I'm not even 100% that's how it works but that's my assumption of it tinkering around. What I'm looking for is a script that does pretty much the same thing only being able to set the minimum length of each track. (i.e. after 3 minutes script triggers search for half second below -60). In a perfect world being able to adjust the trigger thresholds would be amazing but I'm really only shooting for the minimum length for now.

This doesn't sound easy but I'm curious if it's even possible. I know many SF scripts can be modified (which I've done to a few with great success so far) but Detect CD tracks isn't one of them from what I can tell. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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