Dash Works Again - fixed the Device and Suit Mismatch - Aug 31 2014

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Hello fellow frustrated Dash users,

As forum member Vikatan noted yesterday (August 30), it's now possible to get your Dash working again! You can recover from the dreaded Device and Suit Mismatch error!

This article will help you if you have a Sony Dash website username and password. If you don't know the Dash website username that was used to register the unit originally (for example, if you bought a previously set up Dash from someone else and they didn't unregister the device from their account), then unfortunately these directions won't help you.

The directions in this article are accurate. You absolutely have to Unregister Your Dash from the Sony Dash website!


*BUT* it wasn't possible to do actually do that -- Unregister your Dash from the Dash website -- because Sony's Dash website hasn't been letting people log in properly. But this is now fixed! You can login to your account!

So, give it a try:

Login to the site, unregister your dash, and follow the rest of the directions.

Things still aren't perfect though. When I tried to re-register my unit with the website, I keep getting an error of "Invalid authentication token". Good ol Sony, they can't make anything work perfectly.

Also, I should say that I first followed the factory reset directions on my unit, since it had been neglected for about a year. The factory reset on the unit itself DOES NOT unregister the unit from the website account though. So, if you really want to start fresh, **unregister your Dash from the site first** and then run the factory reset (directions here: https://us.en.kb.sony.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/32885/related/1 ), then set up the unit from scratch (configure WiFI, etc.), set up cities for the world clock and weather. NOTE: You'll notice that no app widgets display on the main screen (you'll see a black square) and the web browser app in the unit won't launch. You'll need to step into System -> Device info, and wait a min or two for a message to pop up saying a Browser Update is available. Go ahead and do this (takes 5-10 mins), and you should see app widgets on the home screen when this is done.

As I said, after doing this, I was not able to re-register the unit with my Dash website account. Note that unregistering your device doesn't remove your saved Channels from the Dash website, so presumably the Channels will appear on the device once the registration of the device to your Dash website account is complete. Maybe that will eventually work again, LOL.


I was able to get it to register. Dunno if you want to do what I did, but sharing in case it helps us figure things out:

1.) After you unregister your Dash in the steps above, be sure to SIGN OUT of the Dash website.

2.) On the unit itself in System -> Device Info, note what the Registration Code (5-6 letters in red) is. But don't register yet. Instead, exit out of there and just let your Dash sit for 20-30 mins on the home screen. Then, go back into Device Info, and SEE IF THE REGISTRATION CODE IS DIFFERENT FROM BEFORE. I think these codes time out after a while, and I had success by using the 2nd Registration Code it generated. In summary, wait until the code rolls over to a new combination before logging into the Dash website again and attempting registration.

3.) When you register, CHANGE THE DEFAULT NAME OF YOUR DASH so that it's not "My Dash". This will enable you to see if the unit has "received" all of the registration info from the website.

4.) Confirm that registration on the website completes. (This is somewhat vague... esentially it seems to have worked as long as the site doesn't give you an error message in red text, even though upon successful registration, it may just unceremoneously dump you back to the Dash website homepage.)

5.) On the unit, step out of the Device Info screen, and then step back in. You should no longer see a red Registration Code, and instead it will say that the unit is registered.

6.) For me, at this point, the unit still said its name was "My Dash", even though I gave it a customized name (and the Sony Dash website was showing the customized name on the "My Dashboard" page of the site). So I rebooted the unit, and ironically it was hanging at the "Authorizing..." screen at boot up.

7.) After waiting a few mins at the Authorizing screen, I power cycled it again, and this time, it booted up and the Device Info shows the new name of the unit and my Dash website account name.

Let me know what works for y'all.



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This worked for me on one DASH unit. On the other I am trying to get the original owner to follow the steps to delete the unit and then I hope it will work for that one as well.
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