Make multiple stills the same size on the timeline

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I don't get to play with this very often, but in the week I was putting together a montage of stills I'd taken and noted the default duration when dragged onto the timeline is 5 seconds, so not wanting to get lost drinking from the firehose form of answers on the internet, I trudged through them all shortening them to suit my requirement.

There must be a better way comes to mind.

I've since found I can reduce the default size in New Still Image Length, so that could reduce effort.

Although I've been in IT over 25 years, in this context I'd never needed to know that one could use scripting, so that is an option.

Is there another way I've missed? Could I create a group for the ones I want to resize them on the timeline?

I realise I may have been hiding under a rock on this, but would be most grateful for some pointers here.

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Rebekah Rebekah Nicole
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Is Production Assistant 2 something I should look into? Seems like what I'm looking to do is rather trivial to require extra $$$ to achieve?

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A ham fisted approach would be to render the timeline of your set of clips to a file. Then drop the new avi on a track and use CTRL+LEFT CLICK and drag the edge of the file to compress or expand it to fit within your requirements.

Another cludgy work around would be to delete the pics, set the length to whatever you like and drop them back on the timeline.

I'm hoping someone else knows a way as well as I have ran across this issue many times with all types of files.
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sam westover
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Click the first picture, hold down the shift key and click the last one and then press the 'g' key to group them all together. Place the cursor at the end of the last picture, hold the Ctrl key down and drag it backward to the new desired length.
That's all there is to it :)

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hannah sillery
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Thanks Mike. I could have swore I tried that... I guess I missed the grouping.
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Alisia Lisha
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I guess I missed the grouping.
Yes, that's the "secret sauce" that makes the trick work.
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tegan fiamengo
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Post » Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:16 am

Hi Mike,

I saw your creative cow answer also, and thanks here too!

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Neko Jenny
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Post » Fri Jun 05, 2015 11:59 pm

Hi DrLumen,

It is rather fiddly, and I'm still trying to figure out how if one can label a group for an easy return to it to do more.

Have fun
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Alexander Horton
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Timeline Tools can do what you're asking and much much more, in a few mouse clicks. Best of all it's free.
Take a look at this video that shows how Timeline Tools can easily layout a video slideshow project in Vegas.
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Stat Wrecker
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This looks great, I'll give it a go.
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You can also open up 'details' highlight all of the pics, then just type in the new length.
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Daramis McGee
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