My Dash is a BRICK. The website has been down for days.

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Hello Everyone,

I'm looking at picking up a Sony Dash strictly as an alarm clock. I know that, at this point in time, few if any of the Internet functions are going to work. However, it is not clear to me whether a Dash will even function as an alarm clock, so I am hoping that you Dash owners might be willing to answer three questions. Cat Very Happy

First off, am I right in thinking that both the clock and the alarm can be programmed without WiFi access?

I believe (but am not 100% sure) that, when first plugged in, the Dash does ask you to select your internet site, but if you next/cancel out of those early prompts it takes you to the default screen, which is the clock. Is that right? I'm guessing that if you can program the clock without network access that you can program the alarm, too, but I do not want to assume anything. Can someone please confirm that both the clock and the alarm can be set up without Internet access?

Second, does the Dash want to seek network access (i.e. "phone home") on its own after the clock is set? If so, does this interfere with the operation of either the clock or the alarm? I'm concerned that I might be able to program the clock and set the alarm okay without network access, but that the Dash might mess up the clock/alarm settings on its own later on by seeking Sony's servers in order to update the time.

Finally, I was led to understand that the HID-C10 model Dash has a built-in internal button cell battery for backup. Is this battery user-replaceable? And does it allow the Dash to retain both clock and alarm settings? Or does the backup battery preserve the clock setting only?

I would be grateful if someone could answer these questions before I take the plunge. Cat Very Happy

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