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Post » Sat Oct 31, 2015 4:34 am

For over a month I've enjoyed streaming UHD content from Amazon (and other sources) on my Sony Bravia XBR-55X850C television. This TV, officially supported by Amazon for streaming UHD content, using the built-in android app to stream amazon prime content. Suddenly yesterday (October 28th) the UHD section was missing from the Amazon home screen. I can still stream UHD titles from Amazon by accessing recently watched or watchlist; however, I'm unable to browse the UHD section as it's simply disappeared! I'm also unable to purchase titles in UHD which I know are available in UHD (e.g. "Better Call Saul".) After spending several hours with multiple tech support agents at amazon prime's instant video department (several of which simply hung up on me,) I'm convinced this is an issue with Amazon's service recognizing my TV as compatible with their UHD service. Why this would happen out of no where eludes me.

Steps taken thus far include factory reset of the device. Unregistering the device using both the android app's ability to deregister and the website's video setting's page. Reregistering the device (de and re-registering is something I've done well over 10 times today.) Also cleared app cache and data for the Amazon android app in the television.

There has been no new system updates or app updates I'm aware of, and when attempting to run updates for either system or application, I'm told everything is up to date.

Something interesting I notice on my end. On the Amazon website for video settings, where you can de-register your devices, I de-registered all devices. Then, I Registered my TV again. Two devices show up when I do this, not one as you would expect. Neither device indicates UHD compatibility.

Your devices

Amazon App for Android (Myfirstname's Android Device) Deregister
Android TV (Myfirstname's Android Device) Deregister

(Where "myfirstname" is actually my first name.)

One of the customer service agent's I spoke to who actually knew what she was doing said she saw a Sony Bravia TV device listed which had been registered in September (which is when I purchased & setup the TV) but no longer see's the device registered and could not tell when it was de-registered.

The one thing I'm unable to do is uninstall and reinstall the Amazon app in the TV's android operating system. I'm guessing this is because the app comes pre-installed in the TV. But, when I check for software updates, both System and applications are reportedly up to date. Software version on the contact & support page is PKG2.475.0010NAB. The amazon instant video app is version 1.43.

All of this seems to boil down to one thing. Because I can stream previously viewed Amazon UHD content, but am unable to view the UHD section or purchase new UHD titles, there must be some problem with Amazon identifying my device as being compatible. Because no software updates or application changes took place immediately before the problem appeared, I would think this would be an Amazon server side problem. But, the fact that I have re-registered the device repeatedly and it reliably identifies my television as a generic android TV instead of a Sony (4k compatible) tv, it could be that the problem is with my device not identifying itself properly.

Is there some service, setting, or configuration I can check or modify on my TV to ensure I'm sending Amazon the correct device information upon login and registration?

Thank you in advance for any insight you may provide.

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Post » Sat Oct 31, 2015 4:05 am

Amazon resolved the issue. I've no idea what the solution was. Nothing on my end was done and Amazon has not emailed or called me back regarding this issue, which as I understood it was an open trouble ticket with their technical support department. At 3am I had no UHD section, and at 1pm the next day I have a UHD section and can purchase new UHD content.

My internet speed remains the same according to every speed test website I tried, which were several. The picture quality of the UHD content from amazon is the same as yesterday when I could only view previously viewed UHD titles.

When I view the amazon prime - video settings page, my devices look the same (android app and android tv.) No mention of a Sony Bravia. But, the issue is resolved. Issue's cause remains a mystery to me.

To anyone else who finds themselves in the same position, my only advice is call Amazon's support line back when they refuse to escalate, hang up, or claim a supervisor will call back. Eventually you'll get someone who *will* escalate a trouble ticket and resolve the issue.

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