kv-32hs510 reset system nvm data

Post » Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:50 am

i was reading the service manual reading the warning..

Note: Be careful when using the remote! It will clear and re-initialize
ALL NVM data including deflection adjustment data if not reset
properly as follows:

well i was going down the list thinking i was safe because i was 'resetting properly as follows'

but i'm experiencing input problems now, when before i did the reset they were working.

i had the television on input 7 using a DVI cable when i did the reset.

i watched the screen bow as if it was shutting down the connection to the dvi socket, but it didn't shut down all the way.. the picture remained ajar until the screen went blank and nothing left on the screen except the green letters for the service mode.

i shut it down thinking it would reset the connection.. but instead of a blank screen as video 1 through 4 shows,

video 5, 6, and 7 show snow.

i did a search online and somebody said they did the same thing and they fixed it by entering the default values in all the service menu options.

i didn't write down the values because i needed to do the outer focus and re-do the convergance.

i went into the service manual and put all the values to the initial settings but that didn't stop the snow on the hd inputs.

i verified that the anolog video inputs are working.

when i connect using component, there's snow , though it is stalled and doesn't fill the entire screen.

when i connect the dvi cable, the screen goes into widescreen but that area is filled with snow.

by accident, i plugged the anolog video from the satellite box to the hd input and i got a black and white picture with flurries of red and what looks like a grid of O's.

i've had to replace an IC chip on the board once to repair the television, i'm willing to replace another one if necessary.

is there a service menu setting i'm not setting correctly or is the input board damaged?

i did the self-diagnostic and it came back as all 0's

i'm wondering if i damaged the input board by leaving the DVI connected.

i'd like to get the television working again and do the focus.

in my dreams this thing does 8K thanks to something smithsonian showed me.

i kinda wonder if the input is stuck in that mode.

i'm willing to trade valueable info for anybody that helps.

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Post » Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:01 am

umm.. the U board has all the video inputs connected together, makes me think there's a good chance the 'initial' settings don't have the right value to turn the digital input back on.
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