2 questions. Before I buy my next camera I would like to know if the Sony A77II

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Does the NFC technology work with connecting to a PC that has wireless. I want a camera that when I shot in studio that the image displays directly to my PC.

On my currect Sony a390. I am not able to use a hot shoe adaptor to commicate with my wireless flashes. Is this function available on the sony A77II.

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Hi Bhans,

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There is a feature in the camera which is called Remote Camera Control. This allows you to take an image then directly loads it to your computer but this is done while the camera is connected through wired connection via USB.

For wireless connectivity to your computer, you need to take the pictures first then access menu then use "send to computer" option before it transfer to your computer. It will not transfer automatically.

For the accessory that will communicate with your flash, there are third party triggers that can do that.

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NFC is not WiFi that would be found in a PC.

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