DCR-trv33 Where do I find upgraded memory sticks(more capacity) .

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I would like to find a larger capacity memory stick for my TRV33 - where do I find these and what is the largest capacity available?

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David and all,

Here is what the Marketing Specifications for your camcorder say about this matter:

Memory Stick PRO Media Compatibility: Tested to support up to 1GB media capacity ....

Supplied Accessories: 8MB Memory Stick Medium.

O P T I O N A L A C C E S S O R I E S:

MSA-16/32/64/128 Memory Stick Media,

MSA-128SZ Memory Stick Select Medium, and

MSX-256/512/1GB Memory Stick PRO Media.


So I think that any of the optional memory cards you select will give you at least twice as much memory. (8 times 2 is 16.) But the ones that are marked "PRO" will give you the most, up to a one gigabyte maximum, which has been tested and is recommended.

In your Operation Instructions manual, about all I see there is on page 113, where it refers to "128 MB (optional)" as the largest size discussed there. (I see no mention of the PRO or Select cards in that manual.)

Marketing Specs on page: https://docs.sony.com/release/specs/DCRTRV33_mksp.pdf .

Operation Instructions on: https://docs.sony.com/release/DCRTRV33.PDF .



Where does Sony advertise its available Memory Sticks online?

Also, I think Sony has general write ups (online) that are all about their Memory Sticks. Can anyone find one that this owner of a good Sony camcorder might want to look at?

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