This is how a Sony store messed up my holidays: $138.44 memory card

Post » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:32 pm

A Sony store sold a memory card to me at $138.44!! I request full refund and compensation for the unpleasant incident.

I was looking for email address for Sony customer service to complain about what I experienced a few days ago and request refund and compensation. If anyone know where I can contact to, please reply.

I was buying a CF memory card for my old Canon camera. I saw a Sony store in Orlando that was selling it. An employee of the store swiped my credit card without letting me know about the price.

I thought it would be fine because I expected the memory card costs $30-40 at maximum, which is correct if you search on the web.

However, the memory card costed $138.44. How can a CF card cost over $130? I have the receipt and the credit card record.

I requested refund. The clerk brought me his manager. The manager said that "he can cancel the transaction to get me refund after I sign the receipt". So, I signed. The manager changed his stance. He doesn't have access code to the system so he cannot cancel the transaction. I argued for about 20 mins, but the manager didn't get me the refund.

The location of the Sony store is here: street view and map.

Again, I request full refund and compensation for the unpleasant incident.

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Post » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:39 pm

Hi stlim, let me send you a private message. Regards, Ella

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