My soundbar is only 22 months old and the subwoofer is loosing power. I thought Sony built qu...

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I bought the Sony ct-ht260h after reading many good reviews about it. I've only had it for about 22 months now, and last week the subwoofer keeps turning off. It's loosing power. I've tried everything to try to fix it to no avail. I even called Sony and they said it has to be sent in for repair, but being 22 months old it's not covered under warranty. My Event ID number is E62580555. I am VERY disappointed with Sony to the point I and everyone I know will NEVER buy another one of their products. I have bought many things from Sony before, from a mini disc player that I've had for 15+ years, playstations 1,2,3,4, TV's, etc. They have all lasted many years without issues. After this issue with the soundbar, that's the last time they get any of my money.

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Hi" target="_self">DB42, I sent you a private message. Thanks, Yuri

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I sent you a message back
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Read and share.
I wrote this as a complaint for Sony
In December 2013 I bought the 70 inch KDL 70R550A..last week the screen went blank and the on/off button started flashing red. I called the Sony service Center and they sent a technician who told me the LCD panel needs to be replaced at a cost of 11,645 Saudi riyals. I bought the tv for 14,999 Saudi riyals
Seller didn't warn me the tv is disposable. I honestly expected the tv to live a little longer than two years considering I am buying a Sony tv (for four thousand dollars). The reason it failed is some kind of technical failure and apparently bad luck according to your technician...bad luck for who exactly??? Me or you guys??
I know I am out of warranty..but believe me I will use all the social media resources I can find so other people do not have to learn the hard way like I did.
When I am out of warranty, I expect that I will fix the machine for 10 or even 20 percent of the original cost not fix it and pay almost full price. The tv now doesn't even cost as much as I have to pay to fix it.
With a simple calculation, the tv cost me 165 dollars a month in addition to the fact that now I have a 70 inch piece of trash that I don't know what to do with.
I heard and read on different sites that I am not the first or only person to face this issue and Sony is doing nothing about it..
Please take a note from other "respectable" companies like Apple for instance who replace damaged products whatever they may be for a fraction of the price because they strive for loyalty and respect from their customers.
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Hi LinaHaddad,

Your file has already been forwarded for review. Please see my response on your original post:

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